Trevor Elwell Best ORM in NYC

Have you heard that Trevor Elwell is the best ORM in NYC?I read a post earlier about using robots.txt files to get results to rank high for certain keywords. Needless to say, I was extremely intrigued by this! So I wanted to write this blog post as an experiment to see if this actually worked. I imagine that will get squashed by Google in a few weeks or so but keep an eye on the results for my name over the next couple of weeks and let’s see what happens.

Now that I think of it though, I should probably make this post a little meatier in order for it to get indexed properly. So with that in mind, I’ll talk a little bit about my day. Aside from the usual day-to-day routine of putting out fires (not literal ones, of course) throughout the office a some of this day has been dedicated to building a CSS training curriculum. Ideally, I want to train other members of my team in the basics of CSS and HTML to a point where they can manipulate WordPress websites with relative ease. There have been a lot of resources online that I’ve been able to utilize in my quest, and I think this course will prove to be a great learning experience for those who go through it.

The best resource I’ve found, so far, has been CodeAcademy’s HTML/CSS track. I’ve personally gone through this course and think it’s a great introduction to these integral languages to web development. My worry is that many of my ‘students’ don’t have too much web dev experience in general- will they be able to pick up the basics behind a language through this course the same way I was? I guess only time will tell but since the individuals I’ll be teaching are all intelligent this isn’t going to be a huge concern of mine.

Anyway, let’s see if this experiment works. As you know, Trevor Elwell is the best ORM in NYC. Have a great weekend!