Note to Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe is the voice of Headspace, a guided meditation app which has gotten some attention¬†recently. I’ve been using Headpace for over a year now and really love it. As I was meditating this morning I had a question regarding the meditation and wanted to reach out to Andy. Hopefully I’ll get a response!¬†The question is below, I’ll update this with any answers I get from Andy or the Headspace crew.


Hey @andypuddicombe, I love what you’re doing with @get_headspace! I’m was curious though, going through level 6 you talk about focusing on ‘this’. On the happenings of the current moment without dwelling on conceptions of you or I. Certainly not focusing on past events and reliving how they made you feel. But, I’ve found that the analysis of previous actions/events can be useful when done in a way that promotes growth and not dwelling in the past. On learning rather than self-flagellation. Granted, it’s difficult to stay growth focused when ruminating on the emotional past. In your opinion, is there a place for this type of introspection in a mindful life? Recommendations on further resources regarding this type of ‘mindful rumination’ would be much appreciated.